Why Planetwalk?

This Planetwalk adventure was inspired by the journey of Planetwalker, John Francis.

Planetwalk: Hangzhou is an active exploration of ourselves, our community and our physical environment.  Our goal is to use our steps as an actual and metaphorical journey towards peace within ourselves, peace with each other, and peace with nature.


Peace within ourselves

The world around is constantly placing greater demands on the world within us.

Digital technologies, ever-expanding media presence, and growing personal and professional networks are some of the fantastic advancements of our current times.  However, if we’re not careful, we can lose ourselves in these same technologies, media and networks.

Planetwalk: Hangzhou is an opportunity to slow down and create peace within ourselves.


Peace with each other

Many of the same stressors on the world within us also cause strain in our relationships with each other.  They sometimes combine with our already competitive and winner-take-all, zero-sum mentalities to create conflict, resentment or distance between us.

Planetwalk: Hangzhou is a chance to focus on how we treat the people around us and find peace with each other.


Peace with nature

The challenges we face within and with each other are manifesting themselves in our natural environment.  The same internal struggles, conflicts and distance exist between many of us and  the planet we call home.  The result is severe air and water pollution, rapid deforestation, habitat loss, mass extinction, climate change and all of the associated problems we are so acutely aware of.

Planetwalk: Hangzhou is a journey to discover a more healthy and sustainable path and rediscover peace with nature.